Welcome to AquaDash!

AquaDash! is our inflatable pool-based obstacle course.  Take on the hump, demolition ball, basher wall, mangle, skirt around the lighthouse crawl over the hedgehog, slip away, drop slide into the pool, or take on the 5ft challenge slide.  

Challenge your mates to see who can get to the end first without falling in! 

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Take a look at what to expect when you visit AquaDash!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you must be able to swim 25m with a buoyancy aid on and be confident in the water.

No, socks and shoes are not permitted on AquaDash!.

We advise that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your session. This gives you time to check in, get changed, and attend the briefing.

No, you cannot participate if you are pregnant.

Yes, all jewellery will need to be removed before you take part on AquaDash.

No, photography and recording equipment is not allowed on AquaDash or poolside.

No, glass spectacles are not permitted on AquaDash.

Yes, you can wear swimming goggles.

We do not offer group discounts at this time.

Yes, you can leave before the session finishes, however, you cannot return to your AquaDash session once you have left.

Lockers are available in the changing facilities.

Yes, the buoyancy aids are mandatory in order to take part in the session.