Pre School Courses

Unstructured Gym Tinys (14 months+)

Fantastic free play sessions for toddlers and adults to play and explore the gymnastics hall together. Coaches take tots and their adults through a different hand apparatus warm up each session. A cool down song and reward stamp conclude the session.

Structured Gym Tinys (18 months+)

Delivered in a fun and friendly environment, toddlers will learn the basic gym skills of agility, balance, and coordination in a coach led session, with their parents. Songs and stamps finish the fun.

Gymtots (3 years+)

Children from 3 years will develop their skills in an exciting and enjoyable coach led session. Gymtots will participate in gaining British Gymnastics Rise Awards which you can track their progress on our App.

Join anytime subject to availability and book for 6 or 12 week blocks.

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